Trade Education and Training with iBex Markets

Ibex Markets Reviews

Before trading, potential traders and investors incorporate an amount of time to educate themselves with the basics of Forex and Financial trading in order for them to trade with confidence.

In this review we take a look at iBex Markets that aims to provide academic and teaching tools as well as training materials including videos, e-books, and more to educate even first time traders when they open their live account with iBex Markets.

We hope this review can be helpful for you when you decide to trade with this brokerage.

ibex markets reviews

When you open a live account with iBex Markets, each account entitles their clients in receiving one-on-one training with their personal account manager/broker about trading and education about the financial markets.

Their learning resources are available from their iBex Markets’ Academy that can be accessed through their dashboard. This comprises an extensive knowledge base materials, video tutorials on their cTrader, as well as an informative glossary of today’s financial terms used in the market.

This section allows clients and investors to receive in-depth information and understanding about financial instruments and basics of trading – including an introduction about Technical Analysis and Fundamental Analysis. Account holders can be taught on how to use economic indicators such as interest rates and inflation.

To give a brief background on these two terms, Technical Analysts begin their research by charts whilst Fundamental Analysts make a company’s financial statements. This is because they determine the value of the company by its income statements, balance sheets and cash flow statements.


Seemingly iBex Markets can provide a variety of educational tools and materials that allows traders to execute their moves with confidence and certainty. This is extremely helpful for first time traders as such trading is a risk that most investors came to experience. Having the feature of a one-on-one trading session is extremely beneficial as you can discuss further details on the basics of trading.

This is just a scope of what IBex Markets’ Academy offers, if you wish to explore more on this particular subject, you can visit their website at and see if iBex Markets is the right broker for you.