Warning! READ this Before Trading With iBex Markets

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Things To Know Before Trading With iBex Markets

2020 might have been the year that had most businesses and economic livelihood on-hold and with little to no chance of getting back to normal. This is also adamantly present in the forex market as the economy experiences a stand-still. But now as we are nearing the end of 2020 and news reports of a possible COVID-19 vaccine, this can be a good opportunity for the next generation of Forex traders.

That is why in this review, we will be covering one of today’s emerging trading brokerages named IBex Markets. Here we try to include important notes and key features this brokerage offers for even first time traders.

What is iBex Markets?

iBex Markets is a FOREX and CFD brokerage that offers a wide array of live accounts that allows you to trade multiple assets from their most trusted platform – cTrader.

We explored their Terms and Conditions, and identified that iBex Markets holds a broker license from Dominica under TBC International Markets. They also seem to be a registered company in the United Kingdom that acts as a local agent which could be approached for an FCA regulation in the near future.

iBex Markets offers a rather high leverage of 1:1000 for traders that can help them score a higher profit than most. But some traders and brokers advise to be aware of the risk from trading with a leverage of more than 1:100, as this can result in higher risks.

But do not worry, iBex Markets offers a live account type that has a leverage of 1:100 which is perfect for new traders.

If you’re the type of trader that wants to take a chance in crypto trading, then IBex Markets offers this service as well. With the rising popularity and wide access of digital currency trading, iBex Markets lets traders utilize the resources available for a variety of cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, and more. With just a minimum deposit of 500 Euro you can get started on your crypt trading journey.

As far as trading platforms are concerned, IBex Markets advertises their cTrader platform to their clients as a starting point on learning how to utilize and observe the movements their chosen assets are in the market. iBex Markets’ cTrader platform supports automated trading and has a wide range of in-build market indicators. Available for download for both Desktop and App Installations (iOS and Android only).

Their customer service and support team seems to be responsive and answers to inquiries are usually answered within a short period of time. Their reach is quite wide as not only can you reach them through their website, but they have a designated phone number for clients around the world. Not to mention their social media platforms are also well active and looks to be posting frequently.

Understanding key information regarding your chosen brokerage is essential towards your success as well ensures your safety and your investment security. Always remember to trade responsibly and with caution.

If you wish to know more about the brokerage, you can visit their website at www.ibexmarkets.com