Which Cryptocurrency to Trade with IBex Markets

ibex markets reviews

In this digital age, the financial market has upgraded into allowing trades between cryptocurrency. As such though, some people are still cautious around this topic as there has been tentative knowledge and understanding on the crypto trading world.

In this review, we take a close look at one of the many brokerages that offer their clients crypto trading. If you’re thinking of investing and trading in cryptocurrency with this company, then you came at the right spot.

ibex markets reviews

You may have heard of this broker as it recently began emerging as a Forex and CFD brokerage. iBex Markets is known to offer traders a wide variety of multiple assets such as commodities and even cryptocurrencies from their trading platform – cTrader.

As stated on their website, cryptocurrency trading pairs are offered to up to 1:20 lon leverage, with zero commissions, multiple spreads from 0.0 pip and competitive swap rates.

Also with the help of live quotes and charts, cryptocurrency traders can only trade on the price changes of these digital currencies, while not purchasing the underlying cryptocurrency asset.  Furthermore, these cryptocurrency pairs can be shorted so that traders can profit not just from rising prices but as well as falling price movements.

Now iBex Markets offers a variety of cryptocurrency you can choose to trade with. Namely Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum and more. Here we take a look at some of them to provide you options for your crypto trading journey.

As mentioned, iBex Markets offers one of the most popular crypto coins that is Bitcoin. Trading with this digital currency is considered an ideal asset in CFD trades. With the help of iBex Markets’ cTrader platform, brokers can help you trade this exchangeable and evolving currency against the US Dollar 24/7. This digital coin is considered in high regard as it has such a wide accessibility and very volatile movement in the market.

Now second to the option you can choose from is to trade with Litecoin. This digital currency comes close second for cryptocurrency trading options as you can even trade long or short (buy or sell) in an instant. With iBex Markets you can act on your trading analysis  whether you are optimistic or downbeat about the future of digital currencies.

Another currency that comes into the top list is Ethereum. Now what differentiates this digital coin  with the other two is that this currency is considered to be an exclusive property that developers aim to make it stand out in today’s market. To give you a background, Ethereum is an open source network  that lets you invest in the network and place money into a unique transformational platform. As such you don’t need a wallet as most of your transactions are executed through an SSL secured online trading platform. This is in order to protect potential and existing clients to any risks of hackers and thefts.

These are just a few of the digital currencies that iBex Markets offers on their website. If you wish to know more about other options you can visit their webpage here at https://ibexmarkets.com/cryptocurrencies/

Whether you’re trading on Forex pairs or cryptocurrencies, we always advise people to consider and examine the risks and terms when it comes to trading with any brokerage in mind. Trading is a risk and you should only trade what you can afford to lose.

For a more thorough introduction of their website you can visit at www.ibexmarkets.com